• Get to school safely

    All you need to know about school buses and travelling safely

We've put in place a range of measures to make sure that you can get to school safely, including social distancing on board, extra cleaning, bigger buses with more seats, and additional buses where we expect our 'normal' service buses to be busy.

School children only buses

On certain busy services, we'll be running additional buses marked 'schools only'. These buses will normally run behind our normal services buses, and will only allow children on board. School children will not be required to wear face masks on these buses.

Exact fares

Our bus drivers are no longer able to give change, so if you're paying with cash, please try to use the exact change where you can. You can also buy tickets on our app, or on board with your contactless bank card if you have one.

Social distancing

In line with Government guidance, social distancing regulations will not apply on dedicated school bus services, so the usual full capacity of TfGM Yellow School Buses will be available.

Download timetables for our dedicated school buses below, and for all of our other buses here.

School service Y9 timetable School service 765 timetable School service 791 timetable S17 school bus timetable from 21 September S52 school bus timetable from 21 September S95 school bus timetable S97 school bus timetable from 21 September