Single Tickets

Buy single tickets from your driver or on the Go North West app.

Single tickets are the best value if you're just making one trip in a day. If you travel regularly, but don't think you'll need a 7 Day or 28 Day ticket, we have a fantastic range of 5 and 10-trip tickets you can buy in our app.

Single tickets

We've made our range of single tickets simpler than ever, and from 1 January 2020, our highest-priced single tickets are now just £4.

Contact our Customer Services team to get single ticket prices for the journey you're making, or choose from our range of 5 and 10 Trip tickets for the very best value.

5 and 10 Trip tickets

5 single trips App ticket £12
10 single trips App ticket £20

We also offer child tickets with a valid igo card (if you don't have an igo card, child fares are 65% of the price of an adult ticket). And we also accept Our Pass, which offers free travel for 16-18s in Manchester.