• ACAS have had enough

    Our statement on the breakdown of talks with Unite

Nigel Featham, Managing Director of Go North West, said: "Unite continues to make wild claims over supposed pay cuts, job losses and what they misleadingly call ‘fire and rehire’ that bear no resemblance whatsoever to the facts. 

'Go North West is losing nearly £2 million annually due to outdated working practices. The company’s initial proposal to turn around the company included no job cuts, guaranteed pay increases this year and next, and a £5,000 lump sum payment to each of its 480 drivers. Unite said “no”. 

Our workforce is beside itself with worry, but instead of a constructive dialogue all we get from the local Unite representatives is a set of moving goal posts and a succession of U-turns. The reconciliation service ACAS became involved in talks five weeks ago and even they declared yesterday they’d had enough. I think that says it all. This dispute, this strike, is entirely of Unite’s making. All we want is for the local union representatives to work constructively and collaboratively with us to secure 600 people’s jobs and livelihoods. 

'There is mounting anger within the workforce over Unite’s handling of negotiations and the calling of a strike. A third of our drivers have now returned to work and Go North West continues to provide vital bus services for essential workers despite the industrial action.’ 

Nigel Featham 
Managing Director 
Go North West