• Express into the city

    The X63 now runs all through the day, with more buses at busy times

Get ready to express yourself - the X63 is about to get a whole lot better.

From 26 January, the X63 will be running all through the day, Monday to Friday - with FAST buses between Heywood, Middleton and Manchester running up to every 20 mins, and buses at peak times extending to and from Bury.

The X63 runs FAST between Middleton and Manchester, only stopping at Alkrington Mainway and Victoria Avenue in Blackley. That's right - fast, limited stop buses between Manchester, Middleton and Heywood, every 20 mins, all through the day.

What's more, there'll be even more buses at busy times on the X63, with one extra departure during the morning and evening rush hours.

Any questions? Drop us a tweet @gnwbus.