Summary of changes to services from October 25th 2020

34 Service - Manchester to Leigh via Salford Shopping Centre - Monton - Worsley

Evening services to be operated by Go North West

95 Service - Salford to Bury via Carr Clough - Prestwich - Unsworth

A new Monday to Saturday evening service will be introduced, operating every 2 hours.  Sunday services will now be operated by Go North West and will be extended from Whitefield to Bury.  This introduces new Sunday daytime services for residents of Stanley Road, Mersey Drive and Sunny Bank Road.

96 Service - Manchester to Simister

Service to operate via Heys Road, Farifax Road, Bury New Road to maintain the link between Simister to Prestwich due to the withdrawal of Tyrers 90 service

BUS 34 BUS 95 BUS 96