• Introducing our new ticket range

    We’re introducing a new, simpler range of tickets from 1 January 2020

Now that we’ve had some time to settle into our new home here in the heart of Manchester, we’re making some changes to our range of tickets.

We inherited a complicated fares structure from our predecessors, and we’ve worked hard to simplify things to make travel more accessible for everybody. We’ve looked at the way you travel, taking into account changing patterns in the way that people work, and how you like to buy your tickets.

With this in mind, we’re proud to introduce our new, simpler range of tickets from 1 January 2020.

Here's what you need to know.


1 Day, 7 Day and 28 Day tickets

Prices for 1 Day, 7 Day and 28 Day tickets will be frozen on our app, making our weekly ticket one of the lowest-priced 7 Day tickets in Greater Manchester at just £16!

If you buy your tickets on the bus, these prices will go up slightly - download our app for the very best prices, and help us to speed up your journey by buying before you board.

Adult network 1 Day ticket £4.80 on our app | £5.20 from your driver
Adult network 7 Day ticket £16 on our app | £18 from your driver
Adult network 28 Day ticket £58 on our app | £62 from travel centres

Our current 'month' ticket will change to become a 28 Day ticket, bringing our range into line with most other bus companies across Greater Manchester.


Rochdale Road tickets

All of our fares along Rochdale Road will be held at 2019 prices. This freeze builds on the frequency improvements we introduced on the 17 & 18 in October, as we look to make travel accessible for all.


Single tickets

Our most popular single tickets will be frozen at 2019 prices, with a small number of tweaks to simplify our price range. All of our single tickets will be rounded up or down to the nearest pound or 50p - and our most expensive single ticket will be reduced in price, from £4.40 to just £4.

Our 5 single trip mobiel ticket will go up slightly, to £12, but our 10 single trip mobile ticket will be frozen at £20. That's just £2 a trip - and it's now better value than ever before.


Other tickets

Our adult evening unlimited travel ticket will reduce to just £4 after 6pm, offering a real, genuine alternative to taxis in the city. Some of our little-used tickets will be withdrawn or replaced, offering better value and making our range easier to understand.

GNW Adult Week Ticket Zone A and Zone B are replaced with the South Manchester 1 Day and 7 Day tickets, which now cover all of the 41 between Piccadilly and Sale, and the 18 from Piccadilly to the MRI.

Adult South Manchester 1 Day £3.80 on our app | £4.20 from your driver
Adult South Manchester 7 Day £15 on our app | £16 from your driver

Very few people bought our SuperSaver week ticket, so we'll no longer offer this from 1 January.


Here are some common questions and answers to help you to understand the changes from 1 January.

Why are some tickets now cheaper on the app?
We want to make sure that you get to your destination on time. By having your ticket already bought and ready on our app before you board, you'll be helping to speed up boarding times, meaning that our buses have a better chance of staying on time.

Why are your Month tickets now 28 Day tickets?
We've brought our range of tickets into line with other operators across Greater Manchester - most of whom offer 1, 7 and 28 day tickets.

Why have some single tickets reduced in price, some have gone up, but most have stayed the same?
We inherited a very complicated fares structure from our predecessors. This change isn't about trying to squeeze more money from our customers - instead, we want to make things simpler, and quicker - speeding up boarding and journey times and reducing the time you spend faffing for change. That's why some tickets have been rounded down in price, a few have been rounded up - but most single ticket prices have stayed the same.

All of our single tickets have now been rounded to the nearest pound or 50p - and the price of our most expensive single ticket, previously £4.40, has been rounded down to just £4.

Why have you frozen the price of a 10-trip mobile ticket, but raised the price of the 5-trip ticket?
Very few people buy our 5-trip mobile tickets - our 10-trip mobile tickets offer excellent value. It's just £20 for 10 single trips - which means you'll pay just £2 for a single journey on any of our buses. If you previously bought a 5-trip ticket, try switching to a 10-trip instead - it now offers much better value than before.

Why are Rochdale Road prices frozen?
Our price freeze builds on the frequency improvements we introduced on the 17 & 18 in October, as we look to make bus travel even more accessible for all. From 26 January, the X63 will run all through the day, too - fast between Middleton and Manchester. Increasing our ticket prices on Rochdale Road right now would go against what we're trying to achieve here.

Why have you reduced the price of your network evening ticket?
We think everybody should use the bus - whether that's to work, to the shops, to school, or for a night out. Buses reduce congestion and take cars - and taxis - off the road. Our evening ticket has been reduced to just £4 after 6pm to offer a real alternative to taxis in the city - and we hope that you'll take advantage of this fantastic new price.

Where has the South Manchester Zone A weekly ticket gone?
Very few people bought this ticket, so we've combined it with what was the 'Zone B' ticket to create one simpler, easier to understand South Manchester 7 Day ticket. You can use this ticket on the 41 between Piccadilly and Sale, and on the 18 between Piccadilly and the MRI.

Why can't I use First or Diamond tickets on your buses anymore?
When we took over part of First's network back in June, we agreed with both First and Diamond to accept each other's tickets for a limited period of time to help our customers adjust. Now that the transition period is over, our arrangement has come to an end. If you need to travel on several operators' buses, you'll still be able to use the full range of System One tickets on board our buses; otherwise, download the Go North West app for the best value tickets.