Thanks a million, Peter!

2 weeks ago Wed 8th Jun 2022

Safe driver Peter Jones

Thanks a million, Peter!

We're celebrating a huge milestone achieved by one of our most experienced drivers.

Long-serving bus driver Peter Jones has been driving buses for Go North West and our predecessors in Manchester for over four decades. He has just celebrated driving ONE MILLION miles in perfect safety without a single blameworthy bump.  That’s 25,000 miles for every year he has worked.

Peter’s incredible achievement was honoured at a celebration event supported by twelve other Go North West drivers, who have collectively achieved over 220 years of safely driving buses on Greater Manchester’s roads.

Offering his ‘top tip for driving safely’, Peter Jones, driver at Go North West, said: “My golden rule is always to give myself space and time – it’s worked for me, and would be my number one piece of advice for every road user”.

Go North West Managing Director, Nigel Featham, said: “Peter deserves all the admiration that comes his way. It’s the mark of a true professional to negotiate Manchester’s relentless and unpredictable traffic every day, with such consistency. He truly sets the standard for others to follow”. 

“Thanks a million, Peter!”

We are are currently looking for the next generation of bus drivers to follow in Peter’s footsteps. Find out more on our Driver Academy website: